This documentation is for WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus version 4.7.0 . View documentation for the latest release.
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The registry provides a mechanism of creating and storing configuration elements outside the ESB. These Registry contents can be dynamically loaded or modified that will allow runtime modification of the ESB behaviors. The folder structure gives a clear view of the available files and easy access to modifying the files. Once these files are loaded, their content are cached in the ESB for the specified duration, and is updated at the end of the caching period.

You can use these files at the time of defining target sequences and target endpoints for the proxy services.

The WSO2 Registry is a repository that stores resources in a structured way. Here are some of the features provided by the Registry interface:

  • Provides the facility to organize resources into collections.
  • Keeps multiple versions of resources.
  • Manages social aspects such as rating of resources.
  • AtomPub interfaces to publish, view and manage resources from remote or non-Java clients.

Registry User Interface

Follow the instructions below to access the registry user interface.

1. Sign in. Enter your user name and password to log on to the ESB Management Console.

2. Click the "Main" button to access the "Registry" menu.

3. From the left navigation menu, under "Registry," select "Browse."

4. The "Browse" page appears.

Components of Registry User Interface:
  • Breadcrumb - Shows the current directory hierarchy.
  • Metadata - Shows metadata for the resource/collection.
  • Properties - Shows properties for the resource/collection.
  • Content - Shows the contents of the resource/collection.
  • Permissions - Shows the defined role permissions to use the resource/collection.
  • Search - Allows to search a particular resource/collection.
  • Dependencies - Allows to add a dependency to the resource/collection.
  • Associations - Allows to add an association to the resource/collection.
  • Comments - Shows the comments on the resource/collection.
  • Ratings - Shows the rate of the resource/collection.
  • Subscriptions - Allows to add subscriptions to the resource/collection.
  • Tags - Allows to add tags to the resource/collection.
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