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Users can change the default user management functionality related configurations by editing the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/conf/user-mgt.xml file using the information given below.

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XML Elements 

XML elementAttributeDescriptionData typeDefault valueMandatory/OptionalSample
<UserManager> User kernel configuration for Carbon server.    
__<Realm> Realm configuration.    
<!-- By default users in this role sees the registry root -->
<Property name="dataSource">jdbc/WSO2CarbonDB</Property></Configuration>
______<AddAdmin> Specifies whether the admin user and admin role will be created in the primary user store. This element enables the user to create additional admin users in the user store. If the <AdminUser> element does not exist in the external user store, it will be automatically created only if this property is set to true. If the value is set to false, the given admin user and role should already exist in the external user store.BooleantrueMandatory 
_______<AdminRole> The role name that is used as an admin role for the Carbon server.StringN/AMandatory 
__________<UserName> User name that is used to represent an admin user for the Carbon server.StringN/AMandatory 
___________<Password> Password of the admin user, If the admin user needs to be created in the Carbon server.StringN/AOptional 
________<EveryOneRoleName> By default, every user in the user store is assigned to this role.StringN/AMandatory 
_________<Property> User realm configuration specific property values.StringN/AMandatory 
____<UserStoreManager> User Store manager implementation classes and their configurations for use realm. Use the ReadOnlyLDAPUserStoreManager to do read-only operations for external LDAP user stores.

To do both read and write operations, use the ReadWriteLDAPUserStoreManager for external LDAP user stores.

If you wish to use an Active Directory Domain Service (AD DS) or Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service (AD LDS) , use the ActiveDirectoryUserStoreManager. This can be used for both read-only and read/write operations.

Use JDBCUserStoreManager for both internal and external JDBC user stores.
StringN/AMandatory<UserStoreManager class="org.wso2.carbon.user.core.jdbc.JDBCUserStoreManager">
______<Property> User store configuration specific property values. See Working with Properties of Primary User Stores for more information.StringN/AOptional<Property name="ReadOnly">false</Property>
____<AuthorizationManager> Authorization manager implementation class and its configuration for user realm.StringN/AMandatory<AuthorizationManager class="org.wso2.carbon.user.core.authorization.JDBCAuthorizationManager">
______<Property> Authorization manager configuration specific property values.StringN/AOptional<Property name="AuthorizationCacheEnabled">true</Property>
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