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The message forwarding processor is a message processor that consumes messages in a message store and sends them to an endpoint . If the message was successfully delivered to the endpoint, the processor will delete the message from the message store. In case of a failure, it will retry after a configured interval. 

Additional message forwarding processor parameters

In addition to specifying the endpoint name and message store, you can click Show Additional Parameters and set the following parameters when adding a message forwarding processor:

Parameter Name



Processor State ( (true) or Deactivate (false)Yes
Forwarding Interval (interval)

Interval in milliseconds in which processor consumes messages

No (The default value is 1000)

Retry Interval (client.retry.interval)

Message retry interval in milliseconds

No (The default is value is 1000)

Non retry HTTP status codes ( Processor look at this parameter before it decides if it has to retry. If the response's HTTP status code is one of the specified status codes, it won't retry. No

Maximum Delivery Attempts (

Maximum redelivery attempts before deactivating the processor


Axis2 Client Repository (axis2.repo)

The location path of the Axis2 Client repository. This repository is used when it is needed to process messages prior to sending them to the endpoint.

No (The default value is /repository/deployment/client )

Axis2 Configuration (axis2.config)

The location path of the Axis2 Configuration file to be used to process messages prior to sending them to the endpoint.

No (The default value is repository/conf/axis2/axis2_blocking_client.xml )

Reply Sequence Name (message.processor.reply.sequence)

Name of the sequence where the message reply should be sent


Fault Sequence Name (message.processor.fault.sequence)

Name of the sequence where the fault message should be sent to in case of a SOAP fault


Quartz Configuration File Path (quartz.conf)

Quartz configuration file path. This properties file contains the Quartz configuration
parameters for fine tuning the Quartz engine. More details of the configuration can be
found at


Cron Expression (cronExpression)

Cron expression to be used to configure the retry pattern


Pinned Servers (pinnedServers)

A comma-separated list of server names where the message processor should be started, so that when you start the message processor on an ESB server, it is only started on that server if the server name is in this list. This is useful when you have multiple ESB instances in a cluster.  

You need to configure the server name of each ESB instance in a cluster. This is done by editing <ESB_HOME>/repository/conf/axis2/axis2.xml file in each of you ESB instances and configuring the server name as follows:

<parameter locked="false" name="SynapseConfig.ServerName">worker1</parameter>

Message context properties to be used with the message forwarding processor

Property Name




Name of the Address Endpoint where the message should be delivered. This property is deprecated and is no longer required, but for backward compatibility, it does not cause errors if it is included.



Set to true if this is an out-only message

Required for out-only scenarios


Set to true if it is required to retry in case of SOAP fault.



For samples illustrating how to use the message forwarding processor, see:

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