This documentation is for WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus version 4.8.1 . View documentation for the latest release.

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When a connector is enabled in your ESB instance, you can access its functionality by adding a reference to it from your ESB configuration (such as in a sequence) and then calling its operations. To see the operations available in a connector, display your list of connectors (on the Main tab of the ESB Management Console, under Connectors click List), and then click the connector name.

For example, if the JIRA connector is enabled in your ESB instance and you want to use it in a sequence, you would add the following entry to your sequence configuration to connect to JIRA:

     <username>[email protected]</username>

Then, if you want to get an issue, you can use the JIRA connector's getIssue operation and pass in the issue ID as follows:

<jira.getIssue [configKey="Ref Local Entry"]>

Using connectors in Developer Studio

If you are using Developer Studio, you can import a connector into your ESB config project by right-clicking the project, choosing Import Connector, and then navigating to the connector's ZIP file (for a list of predefined ESB connectors you can download, see ESB Connectors). The operations in the connector are then displayed in the graphical ESB editor, allowing you to drag them to your proxy service, sequence, or other configuration.

Notice that the first operation in the workflow is init, which initializes and establishes the connection to the service (in this example, it contains the authentication information for connecting to Google Spreadsheets). This connection is used by all subsequent operations in the flow unless you specify a different init configuration for a specific operation. To specify an init that has been saved as a local entry, enter its name in the Config Ref property. To create a new init for this operation, click the New Config property row, click the browse button that appears, and then enter the initialization parameters. 

For more information on using connectors in Developer Studio, see Working with Connectors in the Developer Studio documentation.

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