This documentation is for WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus version 4.8.1 . View documentation for the latest release.

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The VM image from WSO2Con aides you in developing and deploying a simple ESB application to both Dev and QA environments. The ESB hosts a pass-through proxy to the HelloWorld service which comes packaged as a sample with the WSO2 Application Server. In order to use this VM, you need to know the following:

Installing VirtualBox

  • Windows: Run the VirtualBox-4.2.6-82870-Win.exe file
  • Mac: Run the VirtualBox-4.2.6-82870-OSX.dmg file
  • Linux: Run the VirtualBox-4.2.6-82870-Linux_x86 file or file

Setting up the VM

  1. Download the VM from here.

  2. Start Oracle VM VirtualBox.

    See here for more information on Oracle VM VirtualBox. You can download it here.

  3. Import and run the VM.
    1. Navigate to File > Import Appliance.
    2. Click Open Appliance and navigate to the WSO2Con-Governance.ova file and open it.
    3.  Click Next and wait until the VM import completes.
    4. Click on the Start button on VirtualBox to boot-up the instance.
    5. Provide the username wso2user and password wso2 to login to the instance.
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