This documentation is for WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus version 4.8.1 . View documentation for the latest release.

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The "WSDL Based Proxy" template creates a proxy service out of a WSDL of an existing Web Service. Endpoint information is extracted from a remotely hosted WSDL of an actual service.

The Proxy Service settings are as follows:

  • Proxy Service Name - Enter a unique name for this proxy service.
  • WSDL URI - Enter the URL and URN of the WSDL. The URL defines the host address of the network resource (can be omitted if resources are not network homed), and the URN defines the resource name in local namespaces. For example, if the URL is and the URN is /pub/ADSL/, you would enter for the URI. To ensure that the URI is valid, click Test URI.
  • WSDL Service
  • WSDL Port
  • Publish Same Service Contract - Check this box if you want to publish the same WSDL
  • Service Contract Publication Options - Specify the same options as the Publish WSDL Options 
  • Transports
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