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What is new in this release

WSO2 ESB version 4.9.0 is the successor of version 4.8.1. It contains the following new features and enhancements:

What has changed in this release

This release includes a few features and functionalities that are deprecated and might be removed in a future release as well as some features and functionalities that are removed.

Deprecated features and functionalities

  • Before the 4.8.0 release, the Transport Management feature allowed you to override transport configuration at runtime using the ESB management console. Because changing transports at runtime can lead to server instability and is not a recommended practice, this feature was deprecated in 4.8.0. For information on configuring transports, see Configuring Transports.
  • Mediation libraries were replaced by connectors in 4.8.0.

Removed features and functionalities

  • The Axis2 Quality of Services UI to apply security policies, throttling and caching has been removed from the management console. For information on how to apply security, throttling and caching with ESB 4.9.0, see the following:
  • The EHcache based implementation has been removed due to distributed caching related issues with EHcache. We have moved onto a hazelcast based caching implementation with ESB 4.9.0, and officially support hazelcast based caching implementation.


    The EHCache jar that was shipped with ESB 4.8.1 and older versions under the <ESB_HOME>/repository/components/plugins directory is not shipped with ESB 4.9.0. If you do want to use the EHCache jar, which is a third party jar with ESB 4.9.0, you can add the jar to the <ESB_HOME>/repository/components/libs directory.

Compatible WSO2 product versions

Following are the products tested for compatibility with WSO2 ESB 4.9.0:

  • WSO2 Identity Server 5.0.0
  • WSO2 Business Activity Monitor 2.5.0

WSO2 ESB 4.9.0 is based on WSO2 Carbon 4.4.0 and is expected to be compatible with any WSO2 product that is based on the same Carbon version. If you come across any compatibility issues, contact team WSO2. For information on the third-party software required for running the ESB and its samples, see Installation Prerequisites.

Fixed issues

This release includes several bug fixes.

For a complete list of issues fixed in this release, see WSO2 ESB 4.9.0 - Fixed Issues.

Known issues

This release includes several known issues.

There is a known issue related to preserving CDATA blocks when you send CDATA inside a SOAP message payload. As a temporary workaround, you can add the file with the following property to the <ESB_HOME> directory.

When you set this property to false, it can cause an issue in uploading CAR files from the Management Console. Therefore, if you need to upload a CAR file after adding the file as specified above, you can either copy the CAR file directly to the <ESB_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/carbonapps directory or you can upload it via WSO2 Developer Studio 3.7.1 and later versions.

For a complete list of known issues in this release, see WSO2 ESB - Open Issues.

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