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Step 1 - Install WSO2 ESB and WSO2 API Manager.

To download the products, see:

Step 2 - Set up ESB with sample 800

This involves running the Sample 800. See Setting Up the ESB Samples for instructions.

Step 3 - Create an API on the API Manager

  1. Open <AM_HOME>/reposotory/conf/carbon.xml and enter a value other than 0 for the Offset element.  e.g.,<Offset>5</Offset>
  2. Navigate to <AM_HOME>/bin and type the following command to start the server ./
  1. Load the publisher application by providing the URL 'https://<host>:<port>/publisher' browser. eg :

on the

7. Follow [6] to design the API.
There are two resources belonging to the back-end accessed by the rest API sample 800 as

GET : /view/{symbol}

POST : /order/*
In order to provide access to these resources via the API these two resources need to be added. For this specify the resource path in the space provided and tick the method used to access the

resource as follows. 

Step 4 -  Publish the API to the store

Step 5 - Subscribe to the published API

Step 6 - Generate tokens

Step 7 - Invoke the API

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