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The out of the box high performance of WSO2 ESB can be further optimised by following a set of recommendations from WSO2 experts. This section highlights general performance tips, transport level tuning guidelines as well as tuning best practices you can follow for specific use cases.

See the following topics for detailed information on how you can tune the ESB for optimal performance: 


  • Performance tuning requires you to modify important system files, which affect all programs running on the server. We recommend you to familiarize yourself with these files using Unix/Linux documentation before editing them.
  • The parameter values we discuss in this section are just examples, and might not be the optimal values for your production system. You need to apply values and run a performance test to find the optimal values for your system.

For an example that illustrates how to tune the performance of the ESB, see Performance Tuning WSO2 ESB with a practical example.

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