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A polling inbound endpoint polls periodically for data and when data is available the data is injected to a given sequence. For example,  the JMS inbound endpoint checks the JMS queue periodically for messages and when a message is available that message is injected to a specified sequence. Polling inbound endpoints support one way operations and are asynchronous.

Common polling inbound endpoint parameters

The following parameters are common to all polling inbound endpoints:

Parameter Name



Possible Values

Default Value

intervalThe polling interval for the inbound endpoint to execute each cycle. This value is set in milliseconds.NoA positive integer


coordinationThis parameter only applicable in a cluster environment. In a cluster environment an inbound endpoint will only be executed in worker nodes. If set to true in a cluster setup, this will run the inbound only in a single worker node. Once the running worker is down the inbound starts on another available worker in the cluster.Notrue or falsefalse

See the following topics for detailed information on each polling inbound endpoint available with WSO2 ESB: 

For information on how to create a custom inbound endpoint by extending the polling inbound endpoint behaviour, see Creating a custom polling inbound endpoint.

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