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A Recipient List endpoint can contain multiple child endpoints or member elements. It routes cloned copies of messages to each child recipient.

This will assume that all immediate child endpoints are identical in state (state is replicated) or state is not maintained at those endpoints.

XML Configuration

You can configure the Recipient List endpoint using XML. Click on the "Switch to source view" link in the "Recipient List Endpoint" page.

    <endpoint .../>+

UI Configuration

1. In the "Add Endpoint" list, click "Recipient List Endpoint" (See Adding an Endpoint). The "Recipient List Endpoint" page appears.

Recipient List Endpoint

2. In the "Endpoint Name" field enter a name for the endpoint.

See the detailed information about the Endpoints properties in Adding an Endpoint.

3. Click "Add Endpoint."

4. A shortcut menu with the available endpoints appears.

5. Click on the endpoint you want to add as a Child Endpoint. A tab with the fields relevant to the selected endpoint appears.

6. Enter the details (see Address EndpointDefault EndpointWSDL Endpoint). Click "Save."

Command Buttons


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