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This sample demonstrates how the MQTT connector publishes a message on a particular topic and how a MQTT client that is subscribed to that topic receives it.


Download and install the following before starting MQTT sample configurations.

    • mqtt-client-0.4.0.jar
    • Start the MQTT-supported server. (E.g. Mosquitto

Building the sample

For consumer ESB 
  • Copy the following client libraries to the < ESB_HOME>/repository/components/lib directory.
    • mqtt-client-0.4.0.jar

  • Add the XML configuration for the inbound endpoint as follows:

    <inboundEndpoint xmlns="" name="test" sequence="TestIn" onError="TestIn" protocol="mqtt" suspend="false">
          <parameter name="sequential">true</parameter>
          <parameter name="mqtt.connection.factory">mqttFactory</parameter>
          <parameter name="">localhost</parameter>
          <parameter name="mqtt.server.port">1883</parameter>
          <parameter name="">esb.test2</parameter>
          <parameter name="mqtt.subscription.qos">2</parameter>
          <parameter name="content.type">application/xml</parameter>
          <parameter name="mqtt.session.clean">false</parameter>
          <parameter name="mqtt.ssl.enable">false</parameter>
          <parameter name="mqtt.subscription.username">elil1</parameter>
          <parameter name="mqtt.subscription.password">e13</parameter>
          <parameter name="">my</parameter>
          <parameter name="mqtt.blocking.sender">false</parameter>
    <sequence xmlns="" name="TestIn">
       <log level="full"/>
For publisher ESB 

Run the following command to use the mosquito publisher:

mosquitto_pub -h -t esb.test2 -m "<msg><a>Testing123</a></msg>"

Executing the request

After you perform the required configuration changes,

  • Start the ESB and the mosquito publisher.
  • Start the mosquitto subscriber by executing the following command:

    mosquitto_sub -h -t esb.test2

Analyzing the output

On the console you will see the following:

Esb subscriber 

Mosquitto subscriber

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