This documentation is for WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus version 5.0.0. For the latest ESB, view the latest WSO2 Enterprise Integrator documentation.

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To make the process of message mediation feasible, create a sequence and add mediators to it.

Follow the instructions below to add a new mediator to a sequence in WSO2 ESB.

When adding mediators to a sequence, if you get the error "Error in loading the mediator design view", your session has expired and you must log in again. To prevent losing any work if your session times out, be sure to save your sequence periodically.

  1. On the Main tab in the ESB Management Console, navigate to Manage -> Service Bus and click Sequences.
  2. Select the tab where your sequence is located:
    • Defined Sequences - Shows sequences saved in the Synapse configuration.
    • Dynamic Sequences - Shows sequences saved in the registry.
  3. Click Edit for the sequence where you're adding the mediator. For example, the following illustration shows how to edit the test sequence.
  4. In the sequence tree, do one of the following:
    • To add the mediator at the root level, click Add Child next to Root.
    • To add the mediator under or after an existing node in the tree, click that node, and click Add Child or Add Sibling.
  5. Select the type of mediator you want to add. For example, to create an In mediator, click Filter -> In.
  6. In the configuration pane that appears below the sequence tree, set the properties for the mediator, and then click Update. You can define a mediator's properties using the controls in the user interface (design view) or by configuring the XML (source view). For detailed information about mediator properties, see Mediators and click the name of the mediator you are adding.

    The new mediator appears in the sequence tree.

  7. Save the sequence.
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