This documentation is for WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus version 5.0.0. For the latest ESB, view the latest WSO2 Enterprise Integrator documentation.

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Messages come into the ESB through the following message entry points:

  • APIs - APIs accept REST messages that allow clients to provide additional information on how to manage the message in the ESB.
  • Proxy Services - A proxy service receives messages that are sent to a specific endpoint.
  • Inbound Endpoints - An inbound endpoint injects a message directly from the transport layer to the mediation layer, without going through the Axis engine.
  • Tasks - A task injects a message into the ESB at a scheduled interval.

When the ESB receives a message, it sends it either to a proxy service or to the Main sequence for handling. The proxy or sequence is configured with message mediation, which controls how the message will be transformed, filtered, forwarded, etc. 

See the following topics for more information on how you can invoke message flows in the ESB:

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