This documentation applies to older versions of WSO2 ESB connectors. To find the documentation relevant to the version you are using, select the connector from the WSO2 Connector Store and click Documentation.

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To use the Amazon SNS connector, before carrying out any other Amazon SNS operations, add the <amazonsns.init> element in your configuration. This uses the standard HTTP Authorization header to pass authentication information. Once you register, it issues you an AWS access key ID and an AWS secret access key. For request authentication, the AWSAccessKeyId element identifies the access key ID that was used to compute the signature and, indirectly, the user who is making the request. 

  • region: The regional endpoint to make your requests (e.g., us-east-1).
  • secretAccessKey: The secret access key of the account.
  • accessKeyId: The access key ID that corresponds to the secret access key that is used to sign the request.
  • version: The API version that the request is written for.
  • enableSSL: This is an optional property, which specifies whether the amazon AWS URL should be HTTP or HTTPS. Set to true if you want the URL to be HTTPS.
  • disablePort: This is an optional property. By default, it is set to false and adds the port(80/443) to each request. If you want to disable the port, set it to true.

Additional information

Ensure that the following Axis2 configurations are added and enabled.

Required message formatters
<messageFormatter contentType="application/x-www-form-urlencoded" class="org.apache.axis2.transport.http.XFormURLEncodedFormatter"/>
Required message builders
<messageBuilder contentType="application/x-www-form-urlencoded" class=""/>

Now, that you have connected to Amazon SNS, see the information in the following topics to perform various operations with the connector. 

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