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To use the Google plus connector, first you have to add <GooglePlus.init> to your configuration before any Google plus operations.The easiest way to get a user token is for the client to request access and permission via google developer account. After the user is authenticated, the user is redirected to the user consent dialog. On completion of consent, the access token is returned to the client.For further information about client id, client secret and access tokens, see  Google Accounts Authentication and Authorization.



  • accessToken : Required -The access token allows making requests to the Google+ API on behalf of a user. (Which will generate by Google+ Connector using clientId, clientSecret and refreshToken)

Obtaining an access token

To get your access token, you need to add <GooglePlus.getAccessToken> to your configuration.Note that you do not need to add <GooglePlus.init> together with <GooglePlus.getAccessToken> since <GooglePlus.getAccessToken> automatically creates an access token using client id, client secret and refresh token.

  • clientId : Required -The client id obtained from google play developer console for your app

  • clientSecret : Required - The client secret obtained from google play developer console for your app

  • refreshToken : Required - Refresh token to exchange with an access token

  • grantType : Required - With a string ‘refresh_token’

Now that you have connected to GooglePlus, use the information in the following topics to perform various operations with the connector.

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