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To use the Pardot connector, add the  <pardot.init>  element in your configuration before carrying out any other Pardot operations. 

Pardot uses an API key for authorization.  For more information on authentication, see

  • apiUrl:  The apiUrl of the Pardot account.
  • email:  The email address of the Pardot account.
  • password:  The password of the Pardot account.
  • userKey:  The 32-bit hexadecimal user key for your Pardot account.
  • apiVersion:  The version of the Pardot API.
  • format:  The API data format. Either xml or json (xml is default).
  • blocking:  Set true to perform the blocking invocations to Pardot.

Configuring the operations

Now that you have connected to Pardot, use the information in the following topics to perform various operations with the connector.

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