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To use the SMPP connector, add the <SMPP.init> element in your configuration before carrying out any other SMPP operations. This is used to Bind with the SMSC (Short Message service center).  Before start the ESB, download jsmpp-2.1.0-RELEASE.jar copy inside the component -> lib folder.



  • host: IP address of the SMSC. 
  • port: Port to access the SMSC. 
  • systemId: username to access the SMSC. 
  • password: password to access the SMSC. 
  • enquireLinkTimer [Optional] : Used to check the connectivity between the SMPP connector and SMSC. 
  • transactionTimer [Optional] : Time elapsed between SMPP connector request and corresponding response. 
  • systemType [Optional] : It is used to categorize the type of ESME that is binding to the SMSC. Examples include “CP” (Content providers), “VMS” (voice mail system) and “OTA” (over-the-air activation system).
  • addressTon [Optional] : Indicates Type of Number of the ESME address.  
  • addressNpi [Optional] : Numbering Plan Indicator for ESME address.  


Now that you have connected to SMSC, use the information in the following topic to perform operation with the connector.

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