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To use the Stub Hub connector, add the  <stubHub.init>  element in your configuration before carrying out any other operations.  The API requires authentication, which is performed as follows. The API will then return a token to authenticate its functionality.

This connector is tested for the following stub hub API versions.

EventsAPI V2

VenuesAPI V2

InventorySearchAPI V1

UserCustomerAPI V1

  • username: The user account email.
  • appToken : The Application Token for Stub Hub app.
  • apiUrl: The base URL of the Stub Hub API.
  • password: The user account password.
  • consumerKey : The Consumer key for Stub Hub app.
  • scope: The Consumer key for Stub Hub app.

  • consumerSecret: The Consumer key for Stub Hub app.

Now that you have connected to  Stub Hub, use the information in the following topics to perform various operations with the connector.

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