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To use the TwilioRest connector, add the <twilioRest.init> element in your configuration before carrying out any other Twilio operations.  

This Twilio configuration authenticates with Twilio by specifying the SID and authentication token of your master Twilio account. You can find your SID and token by logging into your Twilio account and going to the API Credentials section on the dashboard.

  • accountSid: AccountSID for the Twilio account
  • authToken: API authentication token for the twilio API
  • apiUrl: Optional. The human-readable account name. Only accounts whose name exactly match this string are returned.
  • apiVersion: Optional. The status of accounts to return: active, suspended, or closed. Only accounts with this status are returned.

Now that you have connected to Meetup, use the information in the following topics to perform various operations with the connector.


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