This documentation applies to older versions of WSO2 ESB connectors. To find the documentation relevant to the version you are using, select the connector from the WSO2 Connector Store and click Documentation.

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This section provides information on the high-level tasks involved in implementing and publishing connectors in WSO2 Store.

Basic implementation requirements

  1. Research the APIs provided by the service for which you want to create a connector.
  2. Decide on the API you are going to use to write the connector. Based on the API you are going to write the connector, following are the possible types of connectors:

    • REST-based connectors
    • SOAP-based connectors
    • Java API-based connectors


    Rest based connectors are preferred if the API vendor provides one.

    For detailed information on each type of connector, see Types of Connectors.

  3. Start writing the connector using the connector core libraries available with WSO2 ESB. For each connector, you need to have the init() method so that users can manage authentication with the vendor API. This can be a call to the external API or simply setting the access tokens within the ESB context to be used by other methods.


    We strongly recommend the non-use of GPL or LGPL licensed libraries in the development of connectors. If there is a reason to use these licenses, the reason needs to be provided along with the connector submission. Hosting connectors that use GPL or LGPL licenses in WSO2 Store will be done at the sole discretion of WSO2 and provision of a reason for the use of GPL LGPL licensed libraries does not guarantee hosting such connectors.

    For information on writing connectors, see Writing a Connector.

    For best practices that you can follow when implementing and using connectors, see Best Practices.

Integration test coverage

All the methods should have integration tests with the latest released ESB version. This is required to enforce validity of connector functionality periodically with new ESB product versions.

For more information, see WSO2 Test Automation Documentation.

Images required for publishing

You need to have PNG images with the following dimensions so that those can be used in WSO2 Store as well as in WSO2 Developer Studio.

  • 220x200

Below icons needs to place under  < ConnectorFolder>/src/main/resources/icon/, If connector supports for Integration Studio upward, you can skip .gif versions

  • 55x47 - icon-large.gif
  • 25x25 - icon-small.gif
  • 80x72 - icon-large.png
  • 25x25 - icon-small.png

Publishing the connector

When the connector development is complete, create a JIRA under the ESB Connectors project with the following information:

  • Source code can be directly attached to the JIRA or do the development in your own git repo.
  • Once we review the code we will create a repo under, and ask you to send the pull request.
  • If GPL or LGPL licensed connectors are used, specify reasons for the use of such libraries. 

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