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The Google Prediction connector allows you to access the exposed Google Predictions REST API through the WSO2 ESB. The Google Prediction API provides pattern-matching and machine learning capabilities. Given a set of data examples to train against, you can create applications that can perform the following tasks:

  • Given a user's past viewing habits, predict what other movies or products the user might like. 
  • Categorize emails as spam or non-spam. 
  • Analyze posted comments about your product to determine whether they have a positive or negative tone. 
  • Guess how much a user might spend on a given day, given the user's spending history. 

Getting started

To get started, go to Configuring Google Prediction Operations. Once you have completed your configurations, you can perform various operations with the connector.

Additional information

For general information on using connectors and their operations in your ESB configurations, see Using a Connector . To download the connector, go to click the Google Prediction connector, and then click Download Connector. Then you can add and enable the connector  in your ESB instance. 

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