This documentation applies to older versions of WSO2 ESB connectors. To find the documentation relevant to the version you are using, select the connector from the WSO2 Connector Store and click Documentation.

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The WSO2 ESB local file custom inbound protocol is a multi-tenant capable alternative to file inbound protocol. Current  file inbound support for ftp, sftp and local files, but local file inbound will only support for local files. The ESB file inbound protocol uses the VFS transport to process files in a specified source directory. The local file inbound uses java NIO API to process files in a specific directory. After processing the files, it moves them to a specified location or deletes them. Note that by default files will remain in the source directory after processing.

Getting Started

To get started the Inbound, go to the Configuring Local File Inbound Operation, Then you can access the file contents with the inbound.

Additional Information

To download inbound endpoint, go to the Local File connector, and click Download Inbound. Then you can add the inbound jar in your ESB instance. The inbound jar file should be copied to /repository/components/lib folder and restarted your ESB instance.

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