This documentation applies to older versions of WSO2 ESB connectors. To find the documentation relevant to the version you are using, select the connector from the WSO2 Connector Store and click Documentation.

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SMPP Connector allows you to send SMS through the WSO2 ESB. It uses jsmpp API to communicate with a SMSC (Short Message service center) which is to store, forward, convert and deliver Short Message Service (SMS) messages. jsmpp is a java implementation of SMPP protocol. The SMPP server in SMSC have all ESME (External Short Messaging Entity) addresses which is an external application that connects to a SMSC and the active connection. When you send SMS to destination, it comes to the SMSC, then one of the module in SMSC checks the destination address whether it is available or not. If it is available it create connection object that is responsible for sending SMS message.

Getting started

To get started with the Inbound, go to the Configuring SMPP Inbound Operations, Then you can consume messages from the SMSC.

To get started, go to Configuring SMPP Connector Operation. Once you have completed your configurations, you can start to send SMS messages.

Additional information

For general information on using connectors and their operations in your ESB configurations, see Using a Connector . To download the connector, go to , and then add and enable the connector in your ESB instance.

 Supported ESB Version

WSO2 ESB 5.0.0 and WSO2 ESB 4.9.0 supports SMPP Connector.

WSO2 ESB 5.0.0 supports SMPP Inbound Endpoint.

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