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You can use the Eventbrite connector to manage the following key use cases in a business scenario:

The following diagram illustrates the steps you take in each of these use cases and the external applications (GoToWebinar, Facebook, Constant Contact, Gmail, Nexmo and SurveyMonkey) you could integrate with along the way using the relevant ESB connectors.

Environment Set-up to Run the Eventbrite Scenarios

  • Add the corresponding website security certificates to the ESB for the aforementioned connectors. 
  • Add the sequences and templates in the common directory (<EVENTBRITE_CONNECTOR_HOME>/eventbrite-integrated-scenarios/src/common) that are listed below, to the ESB:
    • sequences - faultHandlerSeq.xml

    • templates - responseHandlerTemplate.xml

  • Each scenario folder consists of sub-folders named as "Case-xxx". Before executing each case, please read through the corresponding Case section in this document.
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