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The following operations allow you to work with users. Click an operation name to see details on how to use it.

getUserInfoRetrieves information about the currently logged in user.
setPasswordChanges a user's password

Operation Details

This section provides further details on the operations related to a user.

Retrieving the user information

To retrieve information about the user who is currently logged in, use salesforce.getUserInfo. The information provided includes the name, ID, and contact information of the user. See, the Salesforce documentation for details of the information that is returned using this operation.

If you want to get additional information about the user that is not returned by this operation, use retrieve operation on the User object providing the ID returned from getUserInfo.

<salesforce.getUserInfo configKey="MySFConfig"/>

Changing user password

To change the user password by specifying the password, use salesforce.setPassword as follows:

<salesforce.setPassword configKey="MySFConfig">
    <userId>[email protected]</userId>

To change the user password using a system generated password, use salesforce.resetPassword as follows:

<salesforce.resetPassword configKey="MySFConfig">
    <userId>[email protected]</userId>
  • userId: The user's Salesforce ID.
  • password: If using setPassword, the new password to assign to the user.
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