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The YouTube connector allows you to access the YouTube REST API through WSO2 ESB. YouTube is a website designed for sharing videos. Millions of users around the world have created accounts on the site that allow them to upload videos that anyone can watch. Video files can be very large and are often too big to send to someone else by email. By posting a video on YouTube, you can share a video simply by  sending the other person a url 'link' - that is, the 'address' of the relevant internet page.


Getting started

To get started, go to Configuring YouTube Operations. Once you have completed your configurations, you can perform various operations with the connector.

Additional information

For general information on using connectors and their operations in your ESB configurations, see Using a Connector. To download the connector, go to, and click Download Connector. Then you can add and enable the connector in your ESB instance.

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