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With WSO2 Gadget Server properly installed, you can access its Portal (also known as the default context) by opening a Web browser and typing in the Host Name or IP address of the Gadget Server.

Accessing the Gadget Portal from the Local Machine

1. You can connect to the Gadget Server Portal from the computer where it is installed. Open a Web browser and access the following URL:


Accessing the Gadget Portal from the Internet/LAN

To connect to the Gadget Server Portal from any computer connected to Internet/LAN, follow the instructions below.

1. Open a Web browser and access the real IP of the WSO2 GS server. Typically, it is same as the IP address of the computer. For example:

The WSO2 Gadget Server Portal can be accessed by both Anonymous and signed-in users. The anonymous mode of the gadget portal provides the same user experience of the signed-in mode with a few restrictions as described below.

WSO2 Gadget Server Portal in Anonymous Mode

The user interface of the Gadget Portal in the anonymous mode is the same as the signed-in mode. Anonymous users can find a set of gadgets displayed by default in the portal and they can drag-drop gadgets and create their own gadget layout as preferred. The user data storage in anonymous mode is done using a browser cookie based storage mechanism.

However, for an anonymous user, gadget addition has 2 limitations.

  1. The user cannot browse the Gadget Repository
  2. The user cannot add gadgets from URLs

The anonymous user only has access to gadgets that are defined by the Gadget Server administrators as accessible by anonymous users. For information on how to make a gadget available to anonymous users, refer to Gadget Availability in the Gadget Repository section.

The user can add a gadget by marking the associated check box and clicking the Add button.

Except for these two limitation, all other features are similar to Gadget Portal in singed-in mode.

For information on new user registration to the Portal, refer to User Registration.

WSO2 Gadget Server Portal in Signed-In Mode

All the features of the Gadget Portal are available for the signed-in user including capability to browse the Gadget Repository and add gadgets hosted elsewhere to the portal via the "Add gadget from URL" feature.

For more information on the features available, refer to the Gadget Portal.

A registered user's permissions can be modified by the administrators.

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