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WSO2 Gadget Server's Enterprise Gadget Repository is developed with two faces - the administrator's view and the user's view. In WSO2 Gadget Server, adding gadgets to the repository is only allowed for the server administrators. Therefore, an interface for the administrators to govern gadgets comes integrated to the Management Console. It enables Gadget Server administrators to manage gadgets from a single place, through a simplified user-interface.

Through the Gadget Repository, gadgets can also be made default to new users that sign-in to the Gadget Server Portal or accessible by anonymous users of the portal. Default gadgets are used to pre-populate the portal of a new user.

For end users, WSO2 Gadget Server provides a repository that can be browsed. Users can browse the repository for gadgets and add gadgets to their portal from the repository.

Using the Gadget Repository, administrators can,

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