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Follow the instructions below to copy, duplicate, delete gadgets, change their settings etc.

1. Log on to the Gadget Server Management Console.

2. In the Manage Gadget Server menu, click the View Portal link.

3. The Gadget Portal opens in signed-in mode.

Each gadget can be managed using the gadget preferences in the toolbar.

You can also access the Gadget Portal directly. For instructions, refer to Accessing the Gadget Server -> GS Portal section.

The Settings Menu

4. Click Settings from the preferences of a selected gadget. A list of menu items pop up as shown below.

Duplicate Gadgets

The Duplicate This Gadget menu item copies a gadget to the same tab as a new gadget with the same name. Users can change the settings of this gadget in order to keep the same gadget with different settings.

Gadget Settings

By default, the gadget authors can change the settings of each gadget. These settings can also be viewed and modified by the users by opening the settings drop down in gadget preferences.

Moving Gadgets

Gadgets can be moved from one tab to another. The available tabs are displayed in the Copy To menu for the user to select. For example,

Once a gadget is moved, the user can either remove the old gadget from its previous location or keep as it is.

Finding Gadget Details

Once the gadget is added, the user can inquire the gadget details by clicking on about gadget in the preferences menu.

The Gadget name, Author and Gadget URL are displayed as gadget details as shown in the example below.

Removing Gadgets

Gadgets can be deleted from the Gadget Portal by clicking on the remove option in preferences.

Confirm the message that appears.

Toggle, Maximize/Minimize Gadgets

You can also toggle, maximize or minimize the gadget user interface using the given options in preferences.

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