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Users of the WSO2 Gadget Portal can add, remove and clone tabs to customize the user interface. This facility is available for both anonymous and signed-in users.

Follow the instructions below to customize the portal UI.

1. Log on to the Gadget Server Management Console.

2. In the "Manage Gadget Server" menu, click the "View Portal" link.

3. The Gadget Portal opens in signed-in mode.

You can also access the Gadget Portal directly. For instructions, refer to Accessing the Gadget Server -> GS Portal section.

Adding new tab

Users can add new tabs with customized layouts the Gadget Portal. New tabs help accommodate more gadgets and arrange or categorize gadgets in the portal.

4. To add a new tab, click the Add New Tab link.

5. The Add New Tab window opens. Enter the name of the new tab, select a layout from the provided six predefined layout templates and click "Ok".

6. The portal creates an empty gadget layout page.

After a new tab is created, users can add gadgets into it through the Add Gadgets link. Gadgets can also be copied to the new tab from another tab.

To display the added gadgets according to the selected customized layout, simply drag and drop them.

Cloning active tab

Gadget Portal users can clone an available tab to be used as the foundation for a new tab.

4. To clone a tab, select the tab you want to clone and click the Clone Active Tab link.

5. The Clone Active Tab window opens. Enter the name of the new tab and click "Ok".

6. A new tab in the given name will be added to the Gadget Portal. It will contain the same gadgets and be in the same layout as the tab used to clone it from.

Removing active tab

Follow the instructions below to delete a tab.

4. Select the tab you want to delete and click the Remove Active Tab link.

5. Confirm your request by clicking Yes.

6. The tab will be removed from the Gadget Portal

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