This documentation is for WSO2 Governance Registry 4.5.3. View documentation for the latest release.
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WSO2 Governance Registry and WSO2 API Manager can be used in combination to publish services as APIs that can be consumed.

To Get started with using API Manager, you first need to mount API Manager to share the same Governance Registry space. Read more about Sharing Registry Space across Multiple Product Instances. Once mounted, you should be able to see resources added into the /_system/governance collection from Governance Registry also appearing on API Manager. To learn more on how to add and browse resources, read about Resource Browser. To learn how to access the Management Console of API Manager, read the Getting Started with API Manager.

Publishing Services To API Manager

Read this section to learn how to publish services on Governance Registry into the API Manager.

1. Create a new Service in Governance Registry and attach the default Service Lifecycle to it. Read Managing Services to learn how to add a new service and associate a new lifecycle.

2. Promote the service until it gets to the production state.

3. Once in the production state, click on the "Publish" button.

You should get a confirmation message once the API was successfully published.

4. Now open the API list, and you'll find that the Service has been successfully published as an API.

5. Login to the API Publisher and find the Service being published in the "CREATED" state.


The API Publisher can be accessed at https://localhost:9444/publisher.

6. Open the API by clicking on its name.

7. Change the state to "PUBLISHED" state in the Life Cycle view of the API.

Click on the "Update" button to make the necessary changes.

8. Navigate to the API Store and you should be able to find the API being published.


The API Store can be accessed at https://localhost:9444/store .



APIs are published using the name of the user currently logged into Governance Registry as its provider.

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