This documentation is for WSO2 G-Reg version 4.5.3. View documentation for the latest release.

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WSO2 Governance Registry

The WSO2 Governance Registry is an enterprise-grade, lean, component-based, 100% open source, SOA-integrated registry-repository offered under Apache license 2.0. The WSO2 Governance Registry provides the right level of structure straight out of the box to support SOA Governance, configuration governance, development process governance, design and run-time governance, life cycle management, and team collaboration. It also offers significant time saving and affordable acquisition. Purpose-built for rapid configuration and efficient extension, users agree the product is easy to configure and extend. These attributes lead to lower investment and higher ROI. 

About the Documentation

This is the official, released WSO2 Governance Registry Documentation, hosted at:

To download a PDF of this document or a selected part of it, click here (only generate one PDF at a time). To export to a different format, click the Browse menu at the top of this screen, click Space Operations, and then select an Export option.

If you are a first time user, the following sections introduce the WSO2 Governance Registry and help you get started quickly.

About Governance Registry   Installation Guide    Samples 


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