This documentation is for WSO2 Governance Registry 5.0.1. View documentation for the latest release.
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Documents can be added as artifacts to Government Registry. These can be any type of document files.

Adding a document

Add documents to Governance Registry as follows:

  1. Log on to the Management Console.
  2. Click Main > Metadata > Add > Documents.

  3. Enter the information about the document.

     Field Description
    NameThe name of the document.
    ApiBasePathThe link to the API to which this document is associated. This is a unique string created using user provided values. For example, if the ApiBasePath is /admin/juddiv3/services/1.0.0, the following can be the file path of the API: /_system/governance/apimgt/applicationdata/provider/admin/juddiv3/services/1.0.0/documentation/Wiki Documentation
    SummaryA summary of the contents of the document file.
    TypeThe type of the document.
    SourceThe source of the document contents. 
    Source URLThe source URL from which the contents should be retrieved. 
    File PathThe file path of the document in the Governance Registry. (E.g., /_system/governance/apimgt/applicationdata/provider/admin/juddiv3/services/1.0.0/documentation/Wiki Documentation)

Listing documents

To list out all the documents in Governance Registry:

  1. Click Main > Metadata > List Documents.
  2. Filter as required.

    When filtering the data using more than one value in the search field, use comma separated values with quotation marks to distinguish the values. E.g., if there are two entries with the words Connector and Resource, the search string would be: "Connector", "Resource".


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