This documentation is for WSO2 Governance Registry 5.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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WS-Eventing is one of many standards supported by the WSO2 Governance Registry. Read more on Supported APIs and Standards for a complete list of standards supported by WSO2 Governance Registry.

The WSO2 Governance Registry also allows API-Level access to its embedded subscription manager via an OSGi Service. This service can be used to:

  • Create Subscriptions
  • Delete Subscriptions
  • Retrieve Subscriptions
  • Obtain a reference to the Subscription Manager instance
  • Get Subscription Manager URL
  • Generate Notification
  • Register Event Type
  • Obtain Registered Event Types
  • Exclude an Event for a given Resource Path
  • Obtain the Resource Paths for which a given Event Type is excluded

The Eventing Service interface exposed as an OSGi Service can be found in here.

An instance to this OSGi Service can be obtained by using the following annotation.

  • @scr.reference name="registry.eventing.service"
  • interface="" cardinality="1..1"
  • policy="dynamic" bind="setRegistryEventingService" unbind="unsetRegistryEventingService"

See also Notifications to learn more information about subscriptions in the Governance Registry.

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