This documentation is for WSO2 Governance Registry 5.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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Static (One-time) Configurations

The WSO2 Governance Registry configuration will be loaded when the org.wso2.carbon.registry.core bundle (the registry kernel) is activated. Thus, if any change done to the registry configuration, the server needs to be restarted if it is already running. While most configuration options can be changed after the first run of the WSO2 Governance Registry, changing the Static Configuration (configuration details under the staticConfiguration parameter), will not be fully effective. If you need to change any Static Configuration and expect it to take effect, you will have to erase the contents of the database, and restart the server passing the -Dsetup system property which will re-generate the database.

You are suppose to change the static configuration section only before loading any data to the registry. (That is before the first start-up.) The following configurations are possible in this section.

  • versioningProperties - Whether the properties are versioned when a snapshot is created.
  • versioningComments - Whether the comments are versioned when a snapshot is created.
  • versioningTags - Whether the tags are versioned when a snapshot is created.
  • versioningRatings - Whether the ratings are versioned when a snapshot is created.
        <!-- Location you want to add service and default location will be /services/ -->

The default values of these elements are set to true.

Configure Auto Versioning Resources

You can configure whether you want to auto-version the resources (non-collection) by setting versionResourcesOnChange element to true. In this configuration it will create a version for the resources whenever it is updated.


This needs to be false in a production environment to ensure that new versions of resources are not created whenever a resource is modified.

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