This documentation is for WSO2 Governance Registry 5.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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The configurations for the registry are kept in the registry.xml which can be found inside the <GREG_HOME>/repository/conf/. You can configure various parameters of the registry in there.

These parameters are described in details on the following pages:

In order for these parameters to take effect, you have to restart the registry.

WSO2 Governance Registry includes the following key configuration files:

  • Configuration for the WSO2 Carbon Server (carbon.xml)
  • Configuration for Embedded Apache Axis2 Client and Server (axis2.xml and axis2_client.xml)
  • Configuration for Media Types of Resources stored on the Repository (mime.types)
  • Configuration for Human Readable Media Types (mime.mappings)

Human readable Media Types are basically a way of using a human readable name in place of MIME type (for example, WSDL instead of application/wsdl+xml). This was achieved by introducing a new <GREG_HOME>/repository/conf/etc/mime.mappings. The new entry should be added as follows:

 application/wsdl+xml    WSDL

  • Configuration for Permission Mappings (permission-mappings.xml)

Configuration for mappings between administration permissions (or management console permissions) and resource permissions can be defined in the permission mappings file. This file can be found in <GREG_HOME>/repository/conf/etc/permission-mappings.xml. These are defined in XML elements that also accept one or more resource paths for which these mappings apply.

Note that permission mappings only guarantee that a particular role gets access to some pre-defined resources or collections. If these resources or collections are not yet created and if their parent collection structure does not exist, the administrator needs to make sure that it is created by a user having sufficient privileges.

  • Configuration for the WSO2 Governance Registry (registry.xml)
  • Configuration for Embedded Tomcat Servlet Transports (transports.xml)
  • Configuration for Managing Users on the WSO2 Carbon Server (user-mgt.xml)
  • Configuration for running the Daemon script (wrapper.conf)
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