This documentation is for WSO2 Governance Registry 5.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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How can I get the <GREG_HOME>/tmp directory cleared?

Based on the HouseKeeping task for carbon.xml, if the <AutoStart> property is set to true, all files that are more than 30 minutes old will be cleared every 10 minutes. If you are running Governance Registry on Linux, you can also write a cron job to handle the clearing of contents within the <GREG_HOME>/tmp directory. 

What should I do if I get the following error when I try to start WSO2 G-Reg?
[ERROR] CARBON is supported only on JDK 1.7 and 1.8

You need to have Oracle JDK 1.7.*/1.8.* installed. You cannot start WSO2 G-Reg with Oracle JDK 1.6.* or lower. For more information, see Installation Prerequisites.


Checkin Client 

What are the limitations of Registry Check-in/Check-out client?

When a user want to get an exact copy of the services in your one registry instance to other,then you can use the check-in client to get a check-out of the collection structure of one of your registry instance and do a check-in operation to the collection structure of the other registry instance.

You can use the check-in client tool only for registry/repository use cases. Therefore, you cannot use it for governance scenarios.

But when you do a check-in from the G-Reg checkin-checkout client to one registry instance, it will override the resources and collections that are under the path that specified in that instance . Also note that the G-Reg check-in client does not have a merge option to use with check-in operation.Hence if the registry instance had have some services in same path before doing the check-in operation to it,those services will be replaced by the services added by check-in operation. 

Above limitation can be overcome by following workaround.You can take a checkout from both the instances to a single location in your file system and then do a check-in operation to the relevant registry instance. 

However registry check-in client merge-option support will be introduced in future and to track this new feature implementation CARBON jira has been created as here.

The check-in client tool does not support the '&' and 'space' characters, and thereby, you will get errors when resources have these special characters. Therefore, the asset names, which are authorized need to be handled by the check-in client tool as well.

Configurable Governance Artifact

Do we support attribute level permission for RXT resources?
No, RXT model should not be used for this. A separate presentation layer using frameworks such as UES/Jaggery must be used instead.
How to add content using HTML to a text input field of an asset in the G-Reg Publisher?

By default, WSO2 G-Reg does not support HTML tags inside text input fields. Text input fields are defined within RXT text areas, and RXTs do not support HTML content. However, you can do this by enabling Rich Text Format (RTF) for input text fields with HTML, and the WSO2 G-Reg extension model. For more information, see Adding HTML Content within an Input Text Area.

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