This documentation is for WSO2 Governance Registry 5.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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The following are the key features available in Governance Center:

Asset type extension mechanismAbility to add new asset types to Governance Registry (such as WSDLs, WADLs, policies, schemas etc.) that can be accessed in one store.
Asset lifecycle customizationAbility to customize the asset lifecycle based on the asset type.
Subscription process customizationAbility to customize the subscription process relevant to the particular asset type.
Asset view customizationAbility to customize the views of each asset type based on required preferences.
Pre-loaded provisioning for default assetsWSO2 Governance Center Store is shipped with default asset types such as gadgets, websites and eBooks with extensions available for mobile apps and services.
Customizable Store viewAbility to customize the Store based on the required preferences.
Advanced search options in StoreThe Store search is based on asset attributes, tags and/or categories. The asset attributes will vary based on the type of assets.
Asset sorting via the StoreAssets can be sorted based on the popularity, name and/or date created.
Store social platformAbility for users to add asset reviews, rate and like or dislike asset reviews. The asset reviews will be filtered based on its popularity and date added.
Asset Management

The following are the tasks entailed in asset management, that is carried out via the Governance Center Publisher:

  • Adding a new asset based on the available asset types.
  • Adding a newer version of an already existing asset.
  • Editing an asset.
  • Viewing asset details.
  • Promoting and demoting an asset in the asset life cycle based on the user role.
  • Viewing historical asset life cycle updates.
User ManagementAbility to manage the Governance Center Store users together with their assigned roles.
Asset Statistics

Ability to view the following asset statistics via the Governance Center Publisher:

  • My rated assets
  • Hot assets
Automatic Permission TransitionThe permissions will automatically change, when an asset moves from one state to another in its asset lifecycle, thereby enforcing role based interaction with the assets.
Connect and Scale
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