This documentation is for WSO2 Governance Registry 5.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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This page will give some sample  REST calls format to the Registry REST API. The all supported request URIs are given in Invoke REST API section.


  • context - Context of REST API invocation. It is the by default "resource".
  • version - Since it is the initial version of the REST API , it is denoted as "1.0.0"
  • ip - IP address of the Governance Registry
  • port -  Port at which the Governance Registry is running.

Get All the Comments:

     Format   :  http://{ ip:port }/{context}/{version}/comments?path={resource path}&start={ start page}&size={ no of records}

     Example :  http://localhost:9763/resource/1.0.0/comments?path=/_system/governance/sample.xml&start=1&size=3

Post a Comment:

      Format   :  http://{ip:port}/{context}/{version}/comment?path={resource path}

      Header   : Content-Type = text/plain

      Example :  http://localhost:9763/resource/1.0.0/comment?path=/_system/governance/sample.xml

      Header   :  Content-Type = text/plain

See here for the sample request and response screen shots with respect to the functionality of the REST API.




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