This documentation is for WSO2 Governance Registry 5.3.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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CMIS is one of many standards supported by the WSO2 Governance Registry. Read more on Supported APIs & Standards for a complete list of standards supported by WSO2 Governance Registry.


CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) is an open standard that allows various content management systems which are isolated/separated to inter-operate over the internet.

CMIS specification support is implemented in the WSO2 Governance Registry and exposed as a web application in the product. You can simply point a CMIS compatible client to the Governance Registry and work with it.


WSO2 Governance Registry does not support creation of checkpoints inside mounted locations, which is a requirement of the CMIS specification. Therefore, you cannot use the CMIS API to work inside a mounted collection. If you want to work inside a mounted collection start a new instance of WSO2 Governance Registry with the mounted database as its local database and connect to it instead. For more information please read Remote Instance and Mount Configuration Details and Database Configuration Details.

AtomPub based URL

http://<IP Address>:9763/cmis/atom

Web Services based URL

http://<IP Address>:9763/cmis/services/RepositoryService?wsdl

You can use above URLs to configure the client in order to browse/create content in the WSO2 Governance Registry.

Note that you need to have a valid user/password in the registry to access this.


High-level Architecture of CMIS integration with Governance Registry


Please refer to the sample on how to connect and use CMIS.


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