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WSO2 Governance Registry stores governance metadata and information on governance related entities. The metadata of a Web service describes what a client needs to know in order to interact with it. For example:

  • XML Schema - Describes the format and the content of the messages that are exchanged.
  • WSDL description - Describes the abstract operations, concrete network protocols, and endpoint addresses of the service.
  • WS-Policy - Describes the requirements and capabilities of the service such as reliable and transacted messaging.

Registry resources storing these information and/or metadata are known as Assets.

With Metadata management, you can manage the imported assets as resources within the Governance Registry, since all the information are also stored as resource information within G-Reg. You can always update the information given on an asset, and can view dependencies between them. 

Follow the instructions in the sections below to add in-built governance artifacts of the asset types which are enabled by default via the G-Reg Publisher.

Do not use special characters (i.e. ~!@#;%^*()+={}|\<>"',) in specifying the name of an asset, when creating it. Nevertheless, you can use the & and $ characters.

Deleting an asset

Deleting assets using the registry browser will lead to unexpected behavior in the asset listing.

Follow the steps below to delete an asset which you created using the G-Reg Publisher.

  1. Log in to the G-Reg Publisher using the following URL and admin/admin credentials: https://<G-REG)HOST>:<G-REG_PORT>/publisher
  2. Click on the following Main Menu button:, and then click on the preferred asset type as shown below.
    main menu of the Publisher
  3. Click on the asset which you want to delete.
  4. Click the following DELETE button in the top menu: 

  5. Click Delete to confirm the deletion as shown below.

    You view the following message on successful deletion of the selected asset.
    message on successful deletion
  6. Click the Home link in the above message, to navigate to the G-Reg Publisher Home Page.

Deleting an asset type

Follow the steps below to delete an in-built or custom asset type.

  1. Log in to the WSO2 G-Reg Management Console.
  2. Click Extensions, and then click Artifact Types.
  3. Click the corresponding Delete link of the asset type that you want to delete.

    If you want to delete an in-built asset type, delete the respective <ASSET_TYPE>.rxt file (e.g., wsdl.rxt) in the <G-REG_HOME>/repository/resources/rxts directory.

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