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Once you add a WSDL asset, which is associated with a lively available SOAP service to WSO2 Governance Registry, you can invoke the SOAP service using SOAP UI by copying its URL to Clipboard as explained below.

Adding the SOAP Service

Follow the steps below to add the underlying WSDL file of the sample publicly available live SOAP service that we use in this guide, to WSO2 G-Reg. For more information on adding a SOAP Service to WSO2 G-Reg, see Adding a SOAP Service.

  1. Log in to the G-Reg Publisher using the following URL and admin/admin credentials: https://<G-REG_HOST>:<G-REG_PORT>/publisher
  2. Click the Add button of the SOAP Service box as shown below.

    add SOAP service

  3. Select Add a SOAP Service using a "WSDL" option as shown below.

    adding a SOAP service using a WSDL

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Select Upload WSDL from a file option as shown below.
    upload a WSDL file
  6. Click Browse to select the WSDL file to upload it, and then specify its version as shown below. 
    uploading WSDL file
  7. Click Create

  8. Refresh the screen to view the new WSDL artifact you added as shown below.

    new SOAP service created

Viewing the dependencies of the added Service

Follow the steps below to view how the added SOAP Service, WSDL, and Endpoint are created and linked together using the provided dependency view. For more information on viewing dependencies between assets, see Viewing Dependencies of Artifacts.

  1. Click the WSDL artifact which you created above.
  2. Click the following Show Dependency button:Show Dependency button
  3. You view the dependencies of the selected artifact as shown below.
    view dependencies among assets

Copying the URL of the WSDL

Follow the steps below to copy the URL of the WSDL to Clipboard. You need the URL to invoke the SOAP Service using the SOAP UI.

  1. Click the following Go to Store button in the top right hand corner of the G-Reg Publisher Home Page, to access the G-Rg Store: 
    Go To Store button
  2. Log in to the G-Reg Store using the following URL and admin/admin credentials: https://<G-REG_HOST>:<G-REG_PORT>/store
  3. Click WSDLs in the main menu as shown below.
  4. Click the WSDL which you added as shown below.
    click WSDL file
  5. Click the following Copy URL button, to copy the URL of the selected WSDL to Clipboard: 

Invoking the Service using a SOAP UI Project

Follow the steps below to create a new SOAP UI Project using the URL of the WSDL, which you copied to Clipboard.

  1. Download and install SOAP UI.
  2. Open the SOAP UI application.
  3. Click the following SOAP button in the top menu: 
  4. Enter a name for a new Project for Project Name, and paste the copied URL for Initial WSDL, as shown below.
    adding a new SOAP project
  5. Click OK.
  6. Enter the credentials that you use to log in to WSO2 G-Reg as authentication details for the WSDL as shown below, and then click OK.
  7. Expand the GetWeatherfunction menu, and double-click the Request1 option in the Navigator as shown below.
    Projects menu
  8. Replace the values of the <web:CityName> and <web:CountryName> properties with preferred values as shown below, to invoke the Service.
    send the request to invoke the Service
  9. Click the following button in the Request1 window, to submit the specified request: 
    submit request buttonYou view the response of the invocation as shown below.
    response of the invocation
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