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WSO2 Governance Registry Lifecycle Management supports access control at multiple levels.

  1. Permissions
    1. Check items (Read more about the permissions configuration element)
    2. State Transitions (Read more about the transitionPermission configuration element)
  2. Validations
    1. Check items (Read more about the validations configuration element)
    2. State Transitions (Read more about the transitionValidations configuration element)
  3. Resource Permissions at each environment
  4. State transition approvals.
          a. Voting procedure has been introduced to state transition approvals.(Read more about voting)


Transition environments and corresponding resource paths are defined in the lifecycle configuration. Read more about Supported Standard Executors, which take resource paths as parameters.

Each access control mechanism has an associated forEventwhich can be used to setup granular permission models around lifecycle state. Apart from what's supported out of the box the extension mechanisms provided by the lifecycle configuration model of WSO2 Governance Registry can be used to fine-tune access control.

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