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WSO2 Governance Registry provides end-to-end governance for enterprise assets. Thus, it supports storing and managing metadata related to any artifact, and provides a rich set of features including asset governance, lifecycle management, and a strong governance framework for governing almost anything. 

It facilitates streamlining application development, testing and deployment processes. The community and social aspects of WSO2 Governance Registry will act as an enabler for collaboration between distributed teams, converting traditional human-centric tasks into key assets of the governance process. 

WSO2 Governance Registry main functionality falls under the following two categories:

  • Content repository: the content repository virtually can hold any type of content. 

  • Governance framework: the governance framework embodies a set of governance features that allows you to govern the assets stored in the content repository. For information about the features of the governance framework, see WSO2 G-Reg Features.

You can use WSO2 Governance Registry either as a complete product or in combination with components of other WSO2 products. User-specific components, extensions or UIs to the Registry can be easily added as Carbon components.

WSO2 Governance Registry is fully open source and is released under Apache Software License Version 2.0, one of the most business-friendly licenses available today, and is an on-going project. It undergoes continuous improvements and enhancements with each new release, to address new business challenges and customer expectations. WSO2 invites users, developers and enthusiasts to get involved or get the assistance from our development teams at many different levels through online forums, mailing lists and support options. We are committed to ensure you a fulfilling user experience at any level of involvement with the WSO2 Governance Registry. 

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