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Assign device to profile

Before you enroll an iOS device under DEP, the device need to be, assigned to a profile. This will build a relationship between a given profile and a device. Please note that with Apple DEP APIs, any change to a exiting profile creates a new UUID and the existing devices must be assigned to the new profile.

  1. After creating a profile, the DEP configuration page will refresh and under DEP configurations → Visit the "profiles" tab to see the newly created profile.
  2. Copy the UUID of the profile.
  3. Switch back to the devices tab and click on "assign device" button of the device that need to be attached to the profile
  4. Assign the profile to device by pasting the UUID and click "Assign device". If the assignment is successful, the device must be in "Assigned" state

Enrollment configurations

After assigning the device to a profile, it is necessery to make a decision on how the the device to user relationship will be mapped upon enrolling and how the user will be authenticated.

  1. Click on edit enrollment under your device
  2. Following dialog will be displayed and fill it based on the information described in the section bellow and click "save".

User DEP supported by IoT server, there are 2 types of enrollment flows supported.

  1. Enroll the device by providing user credentials
  2. Enroll the device without providing user credentials

Enroll the device by providing user credentials

Admin can make the device prompt for user credentials during seting up. This is useful if the admin doesn't want a specific pre-defined association of a user with a specific device serial. Admin can provide any purchased device to any user and the user to device association with be made using the initial device setting up (during Apple setup assistant after a factory reset)

Enroll the device without providing user credentials

Prior to providing the device to the end user, the admin can assign the device to a user. With this machanism, the end user will not be promted to enter the user credentials during the device setting up. This mechanism would be more convinient to end users as they do not have to go through an extra step to type credentials.

Field nameUsageDescription
Assigned user's usernameUsername of the user to assign the deviceUsername must be provided without the tenant domain(i.e not the fully qualified username). If Login required is checked, this field must be empty
Login requiredIf the end user need to provide login credentialsIf username is provided, this must be unchecked
Agent install requiredIf the agent must be installed after the device startup

Before enroll checklist

  1. If DEP related policies must be applied to the device, the "is Supervised" check is ticked during profile creation.
  2. If this is a first testing rounds, keep "is Mandatory" uncheked until it is confimed the configurations are correctly made.
  3. If profile edit is made, the device must be removed from existing profile assignment and reassigned to the new UUID.
  4. A profile is assigned to the device being enrolled.
  5. Either "Assigned user's username " is filled or "Login required" check is ticked.
  6. If Agent install is checked, the agent is published and agent app ID related configurations are made. Note that the agent version must be IoT server 3.3.1 or upwards compatible.
  7. Factory reset is mandotory if an existing device is being reused/tested. Apple devices purched through DEP program and has not beed setup before, does not need to be factory resetting.

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