This documentation is for WSO2 Identity Server 5.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.
Changing the RDBMS - Identity Server 5.0.0 - WSO2 Documentation
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The default database for user management is the H2 database shipped by the WSO2 Carbon based products. You can configure it to point to databases by different vendors.

  1. Add the JDBC driver to the classpath by dropping the JAR into the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/components/lib directory.
  2. Change values of properties given in on the Configuring the Realm page appropriately.
  3. Create the database by running the relevant script in the <PRODUCT_HOME>/dbscripts/ directory and start the server using the following commands. See Working with Databases for more information on running the scripts.
    • For Linux:

    • For Windows:

    Or start the server as:
    • For Linux:

      sh -Dsetup
    • For Windows:

      wso2server.bat -Dsetup


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