This documentation is for WSO2 Identity Server 5.1.0 . View documentation for the latest release.
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This section demonstrates how to configure the WSO2 Identity Server (IS) to connect to the Business Process Server (BPS). This can be done by creating a BPS Workflow Engine and configuring it accordingly. You can have many engines configured in different profiles and use one of them when creating a workflow. 

  1. To create a BPS profile click on Configure > Workflow Engine Profiles > Add . The window below will be displayed.

  2. Fill in the details using the descriptions below to guide you and click Add.

    AttributeDescriptionSample Value
    Profile NameA unique name to identify the profile.WSO2BPS1 (This should contain of only letters and numbers)
    BPS Manager Host Services URLThe host URL of the BPS manager node. https://localhost:9444/services (this will point to the manager node of already running WSO2 BPS)
    BPS Worker Host Services URLThe host URL of the BPS worker node.https://localhost:9444/services  (this will point to the worker node of already running WSO2 BPS)
    UsernameThe username that is used to authenticate the user at the BPS. The requests to the BPS will be sent as this user and they should have the permission to deploy and invoke BPELs and perform human tasks.user1
    PasswordThe password of the user mentioned above.passwd


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