This documentation is for WSO2 Identity Server 5.2.0 . View documentation for the latest release.
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This section guides you through using WSO2 Identity Server analytics to publish information related to the processing carried out by WSO2 Identity Server in the Analytics Dashboard. WSO2 IS currently supports two types of analytics.

  • Login Analytics: This refers to generating and analyzing login attempts made via WSO2 IS.

    At present, only logins through the authentication framework are supported for IS Login Analytics. Admin Console logins and grant types such as password grant types are currently not supported.

  • Session Analytics: This refers to generating and analyzing analytics relating to specific sessions that have taken place via WSO2 Analytics. A session is a time duration between a successful login and and the subsequent log out by a specific user.

See the following topics for detailed information on how to work with WSO2 Identity Server analytics.


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