This documentation is for WSO2 Identity Server 5.2.0 . View documentation for the latest release.
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Configuring OAuth for WSO2 Playground

Before you begin, you must first configure OAuth for a service provider to use this sample.

  1. Add a new service provider .
  2. Expand the Inbound Authentication Configuration section and configure OAuth/OpenID Connect.

    You can use the following Callback URL when configuring OAuth for WSO2 Playground: http://localhost:8080/playground2/oauth2client

To obtain and configure the Playground sample, follow the steps below.

  1. You can check out the repository of the OAuth 2.0 sample from GitHub. Follow the instructions here to check out the folder. <SAMPLE_HOME> is used to refer to the location of the modules/samples folder inside the folder where the product-is repository is checked out.

  2. In your command line, navigate to <SAMPLE_HOME>/oauth2/playground2 in the folder you checked out and build the sample using the following command. You must have Apache Maven installed to do this (see Installation Prerequisites for the appropriate version to use).

    mvn clean install
  3. After successfully building the sample, a .war file named playground2 can be found inside the <SAMPLE_HOME>/oauth2/playground2/target folder. Deploy this sample web app on a web container. To do this, use the Apache Tomcat server.

    Since this sample is written based on Servlet 3.0 it needs to be deployed on Tomcat 7.x.

    Use the following steps to deploy the web app in the web container:

    1. Stop the Apache Tomcat server if it is already running.
    2. Copy the playground2.war file to the <TOMCAT_HOME>/webapps folder.
    3. Start the Apache Tomcat server.
  4. Make sure to update param-value the following parameter in the WEB-INF/web.xml file with the server url of the Identity Server if required.


    Note that localhost is the server that hosts WSO2 Identity Server and 9443 is the default SSL port of it.

  5. Update param-value of below parameters with credentials of an admin user if required.

  6. Restart Apache Tomcat and access http://localhost:8080/playground2/ (assuming Tomcat is running on HTTP port 8080). You are directed to the landing page of the sample application. Click on Import Photos and the following page appears.

This application is used to request access tokens using the four OAuth2 grant types. 

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